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Max Guevara || X5-452
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 "You've reached Max.  Do your thing."

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The Player
User Name/Nick:  Arden
User LJ: dancinpenguins 
AIM/IM:  thegreatmuldini
E-mail:  kiwi4ever13[at]hotmail[dot]com
Other Characters:  Sam Winchester | tearsandtildes 

The Character
Character Name:  Max Guevara / XF-452
Character Journal:  ageneticocktail 
Canon:  Dark Angel
Age:  20
From When?:   Near the end of 2x01 "Designate This"


As part of the first successful generation of transgenic supersoldiers called the X-Series, Max was created to be the ideal soldier, and was genetically engineered by the government.  She's what's known as a Moreau, or chimera, meaning her DNA was supplemented with animal DNA in order to enhance her natural abilities, although she appears completely human on the outside.   Her 'genetic cocktail' includes not only the DNA of humans who were in prime physical and mental condition and represented the height of 'good genes', but also with feline DNA, which has given her certain other abilities.  She's had all 'junk' DNA removed from her genetic scheme. 

Genetic enhancements include:

Regenerative powers, due to enhanced quantities of stem cells in her blood.  This extends to organ damage, flesh wounds, bone damage, and muscle damage, all of which heal at an accelerated rate.

Max's heightened immune system and metabolism allow her to maintain her physique with minimal continued physical conditioning, as well as granting her immunity to poisons, and smaller doses of drugs (including alcohol).  X5s have been immunized against most diseases, particularly those used commonly in bio-warfare.

Thanks to her kitty DNA, Max's tendons and muscles are more elastic than a regular human, granting her greater dexterity and flexibility.   She can do awesome Olympic-style gymnastics with ease.  They're also notably stronger, increasing the amount she can lift (up to three times her weight), jump, swim, etc. etc.  She can break through wood, plywood, and thin metal, and knock out even solidly built human males in one hit.  She can also snap a man's spinal column easily.  :)

Max has an enhanced constitution and can withstand a lot more in terms of injury than most humans.  This extends to damage from weapons, falling, blunt trauma, etc.  Her muscles also fatigue slower than a regular person's, which allows her to last longer in combat.

Her speed and reflexes are heightened beyond the point of any living human.  She's able to run faster than bullets, and the fact that she can basically blur herself while running makes her very difficult to hit, see, etc.  She's capable of traveling up to 60kph.

Her feline DNA has also granted her night vision, and enhanced smell and hearing.  

She's physically designed to be "perfect", which means that she's easily able to use her looks to her advantage.  She's able to lie with ease when necessary to infiltrate a scene.

On top of her natural abilities, Max has the benefit of having been trained literally since birth by Manticore, in an incredibly harsh regiment of military programming, intended to make them better fighters and tacticians, able to psychologically weather the toughest circumstances.   She knows martial arts, is an expert at close quarters fighting, a master of all manner of weapons, a trained espionage agent who can infiltrate high security buildings with ease, and a trained hacker.  She's also an expert linguist and trained in the ability to memorize numeric sequences with almost photographic recall (eidetic memory).  She's incredibly intelligent, and can able physics and mathematics to real life situations instantly, including calculating the probability of events (great for cheating at gambling).

Power Limitations:   While Max's abilities would give her a big heads up in a fight, they won't allow her to distort reality, etc. etc., so I think she should be alright.  If, however, you'd like her to be limited some, just let me know.  ♥

Inventory :  JUST CLOTHES.  Camo pants and a gray t-shirt.  The finest duds Manticore has to offer, obviously.


Having been trained throughout the entirety of her developmental years as a soldier who was not even able to conceptualize a world outside, it's important to keep in mind that Max's instinctive response to situations stems from personality as X5-452.  It's her basic level of programming, and given that the X5s weren't treated as human beings, at her core she has a difficult time seeing herself as one.  It's more than just the non-human DNA in her bloodstream, or the fact that she was conceived in a test tube: it's difficult for her to find her psychological worth as anything beyond a soldier.  She expresses doubt as to the existence of her actual soul, and it was only within the bonds of human compassion forged between her and her unit-mates that she ever experienced what it truly meant to be human as a child.  This is, essentially, one of the main reasons why locating her siblings again is so important to her, and why knowing they turned out okay is even more important.  Ben's spiral was the embodiment of her own inherent fears that however human their shells might be, they're never going to be ordinary people psychologically - never able to connect to others on the same level or experience the same highs and lows.

Given that her first family in the outside world consisted of abuse as well, it's no wonder that exposure to a life away from Manticore didn't do much to quell those doubts.  Seeing what humanity was capable of, it was hard for her to want to be completely a part of that either.  Her sense of what she could accomplish in the world had been limited in captivity to whatever orders she was given; in the free world, life seemed so corrupt and disorganized that taking a stance against it seemed an impossible and meaningless task to her, and she adopted a very strong 'fend for herself' mentality, although when she does bond with others, she becomes fiercely loyal, and what separates her from X5s who didn't break free is often her capacity to fight for those she cares about, instead of just for survival, or to fulfill orders.

It's no surprise that her mentality translates into the personality she projects to the world.  Even those who know her best see that she puts up numerous walls to keep everyone at arm's length.  Her cynicism and tough attitude kept her protected from victimization and gave her freedom, which she highly values.  She'd get into numerous relationships, but her aloofness would often repel her boyfriends, and most of them ended up cheating.  All of them ended up dumped.

Max's work with Logan managed to evolve her personal philosophy, given that she ended up seeing the good that came from helping those who needed it.  She has an intense amount of respect for Logan, even if at first she saw his quest as somewhat naive.  

Original Cindy: What am I supposed to say? My homegirl just tells me she’s not even human.
Max: I'm mostly human. I thought about telling you a million times, but ... I was afraid to [...] I was scared that if I told you what was up, it would all change and that you would look at me like you are right now like I was some kind of freak you didn't even recognize. ("Rising")

Max manages to present a confident surface, because it's the best way to survive (and it doesn't hurt to know that she could probably kill anybody who'd ever mess with her), but her fears are deeply human and real.  She keeps the truth about her background and her genetic structure a secret for awhile even from the people she cares the most about, because she's honestly afraid of how they'll react.  It protects them both for them to not share the burden of her secret, but she also is honestly worried that anyone pointing out that she's less-than-completely-human will only confirm her deeper fears that she'll never be a complete person or have a chance at a real life.

Jace: Nothing matters except the objective.
Max: You stay out in the world long enough, you'll find out Manticore had it backwards. Everything matters except the objective. ("Female Trouble")

Max also suffers constantly in her free life from the terror of returning to the barracks - so her re-captivity at Manticore was the culmination of years worth of nightmares.  She talks about how she's rather die than be a prisoner there again.  In the outside world, she's free to try to define herself, and she thrives on the beautiful unpredictability of the chaotic nation.  This spontaneity that she'd never been afforded is one of the things that attracts her to her friends and co-workers at Jam Pony as well, and why she likes observing their every day antics.   In captivity, there was no individuality, no surprises, no humanity, and no hope.

"I let Normal's screeching roll of me like water. I let cheating boyfriends roll off me like water. I let everything that is wrong and lousy in this world roll off me like water... but this is my motorcycle."

Max's attachment to her motorcycle isn't just a materialistic one.  It's symbolic of freedom to her, and being able to move fast, alone, in whatever direction she chooses is one of the most liberating sensations she knows.   She has a tendency towards being a night person (blame it on the cat genes), and she really enjoys living up the moment, and being in the center of energetic social scenes, even when it's more as an observer than a participant.

Renfro:  One thing that is for certain though is that you are the reason he is there.  Don't you see, 452?  You're poison.  You destroy everyone that you love.  Zach, your brother Ben, your sister Tinga, and him: Eyes Only.

Renfro knew that Max takes a lot of personal responsibility for the people she loves, no matter how much she tries to pretend she's looking out for number one.  Her continued attempts to reunite the X5s and save them from Manticore proved this, and it's equally true that she blames herself when things go south for anyone she cares about.  She's from the mentality of a unit, and they sink or swim as a team, so she finds reasons to see personal weaknesses in herself when her strength isn't enough to save her friends.  Having Zach give his heart so that she could live wasn't something she could stomach easily.  Part of her fears losing everyone again as a result of not being strong enough, and finding herself completely alone.  This is yet another reason she's not too keen on forging new bonds, and it takes awhile to break into her circle of loyalty.   

She has, however, become much better about this, and her capacity for compassion only seems to grow over time.

Max still suffers from intense flashbacks to her military training, and her experiences there have led her to a very solid policy of not using guns.  


Normal: Well, well, well. Someone who's two hours late for work looks like they were a dirty little party girl last night. My God, girl, look at your eyes. Whaddaya been drinkin', gasoline?
Max: I had to have radical emergency amateur brain surgery to remove a nanochip from my cerebellum before I stroked from a neurochemical overload.
Normal: This is all one great big joke to you, isn't it? (Rising)

Max was created in the laboratory of Manticore, by the government, where she was genetically spliced to be the perfect soldier.  She was born to a surrogate mother, and immediately taken from her and given into the care of Colonel Donald Lydecker and Manticore.  Her childhood was not a childhood at all - it was a nonstop nightmare of advanced military training, along with the rest of her 'family' - other members of her X-series unit, the X5s.   Not only were the X5s exposed to constant training, but also subjected to medical experimentation and psychological conditioning.   She and the other X5s were completely unaware that an outside world even existed, and so escape wasn't something that they ever even considered.

One of the inherent problems in the X5 series was a design flaw that prevented their brains from being able to produce seratonin.  In order to stave off fits of crippling seizures, they X5s would take large quantities of Tryptophan.  Max witnessed one of her brothers, Jack, undergo such a seizure at the barracks, and be taken away - and she later witnessed him being autopsied by Lydecker and his men.  Max herself was subjected to medical experiments where, for example, her bones were deliberately shattered to test her regenerative capacity.

One of the most important events in Max's life during this time was a training drill where the X5s were released on a "hunt", that ended with them mercilessly killing the prisoner who Manticore had captured for them to train on.   It had an incredibly impact on Max to know what she and the other X5s were capable of.   

The killing of the prisoner caused a psychological shift within the X5s, and they decided to do the previously unthinkable:  plot escape.  In the year 2009, Max, along with fellow X5s Ben, Brin, Tinga, Zane, Syl, Krit, Jondy, Seth, Vada, Kavi, and their leader Zack, broke out of the barracks.  With Manticore agents, in hot pursuit, the X5s were separated, and Max was eventually found by a Manticore nurse named Hannah, who took pity on her and sheltered her in her own home.  Max was able to escape from there to freedom, and traveled through Wyoming, where she was assisted by a young girl named Lucy.  Lucy helped her hide in the back of her mother's vehicle, all the way to California, where the mother, Joann, took Max in.  It was not, however the ideal home.  Joann's husband, Jack, was an abusive alcoholic, and both young girls suffered under his parentage. 

The world changed on June 1st of that same year when a group of terrorists set off an EMP of such magnitude that it wiped out banking, communications, internet, and other computer technologies, leveling the world to the status of a Third World country, swimming in anarchy.  Max finally stood up to Jack, and ran away from home on the day of the Pulse, taking refuge with a den of thieves called Moody and the Chinese Clan.  It's here where she picked up not just honed burgling skills, but an appreciation for the kind of objects worth stealing.

Always determined to find her other siblings and prove to herself that they'd all survived, Max followed the trail of one lead in the direction of Seattle, meeting "Original Cindy" on the way, who would travel with her and become her best friend.

In Seattle, the trail turned cold, but both Max and Cindy picked up jobs working at a courier service called Jam Pony, which gave her free access to different parts of the city: all the better to keep up her personal search for the missing X5 escapees.  Trying to dig up info was expensive though, and since most of Max's day job money went to the extortionist threatening to kick her and her roomie out of the building they were squatting in, she had to supplement her income via cat burglaries at night.

This night job was how she met Logan Cale and discovered his identity as "Eyes Only" - a sort of information vigilante, determined to bring the corrupt to justice via his anonymous cyber-journalism.  A man with vast resources, who recognized Max's skills and how they might help his cause, he cut her a deal:  her help on his justice-seeking missions in exchange for his resources in helping her find her family.

Meanwhile, Lydecker was drawing ever closer to her and the other X5s, and Logan's help extended to keeping her safe from Manticore.  Putting a damper on the burgeoning romance between Logan and Max was the discovery of Zach (X5-599), who felt Max's connection to Logan was putting her in danger.  

Zach and Max worked together to find more of their siblings and stay out of the way of Lydecker and his new Red Series soldiers.  However, when the soldiers kidnapped Original Cindy, Max received a cybernetic transplant to grant her the same powers as the stronger Red Series soldiers: rendering her practically invincible.  She took down the Reds and saved Cindy, but the implant almost killed her, and only emergency brain surgery by Logan to take the chip out prevented her from dying.  

One of the X5s Max found again was Ben (X5-493) who had snapped and turned into a dangerous serial killer.  She was forced to kill him herself, and it was incredibly difficult for her, seeing as how he was like a sibling to her.

A double cross by Manticore involving the X5 Tinga (X5-656) led Zack, Logan, and Max to plot a rescue operation, which ended up being a trap.  Tinga was killed, and it was only because of an internal Manticore powerplay that Max got out - and ended up teaming up with the devil himself, Lydecker, to destroy Manticore's DNA lab.  The operation was a failure - Max was fatally wounded and Zack captured, and in the end, Zack shot himself to provide a donor heart to Max.

Returned to health, and Manticore captivity, Max was reprogrammed via starvation, sensory deprivation, and torture.  She was assigned a breeding partner, X5-494, who she promptly named Alec, for being such a smart alec.  She also met a dog-moreau named Joshua, and worked on plotting an escape.  When she found out that Manticore had discovered who Eyes Only was, and was planning to send an X5 to kill him, she busted out.   

However, when she tracked Logan down, she played right into the trap that had been laid for her: she delivered a genetically targeted retrovirus, that became activated whenever they made physical contact.    Alec appeared, having tracked her down, and revealed what had happened, and that he had been acting under orders that entire time, and that Renfro had released her so that she might track down Eyes Only for them.  In order for him to be cured, Max would have to deliver him to Manticore hands and turn herself over.   Instead, she fought Alec and uploaded the Eyes Only bulletin revealing where the Manticore facility was to the world.    She left Logan to guard Alec, and headed off to Manticore with the intent to free the X5s.  This is where she'll be entering BW.

First Person Sample: 

Other day I saw a billboard.  Probably been sitting there since the Pulse, it was so covered in graffiti.  All it said, in big ol' block letters was "Define Kindness."  Not sure if that was meant to be an order or a question, but if someone asked me that?

I'd define it s-c-h-m-u-c-k.  

Seen too many times first hand that in this kind of town, kindness gets you killed.  Or worse.  It turns you into somebody else's property.  

Borrow a cup of sugar around here, you might find it laced with cyanide.  After all, if you're gone, there's more free stuff for the other guy.  

It's easier being the other guy, than being a walking, talking carpet.

Then again, some people out there go too far the other way.  Being a dick just to wave your massive erection around, instead of because you're trying to survive?

Just try that around me.   That cup of sugar'll go straight down your throat.   If you're lucky.

Prose Sample: 

She'd already damned enough people tonight.  Max wasn't going to add her genetic cousins or whatever to the pile.  But superspeed didn't seem anywhere near fast enough as she pushed her muscles to their limits, breaking through the woods in the direction of the facility.  

Because no matter how fast she ran, no matter if she got in there, let them all out, and won everyone their freedom tonight, there was no guarantee that she'd get her hands on that antigen.  No guarantee that she could run fast enough to administer it to Logan and save him from the fate she'd delivered right to his doorstep.  

All by herself.

Max flinched at the vivid memory of the horror that had filled her when she'd bought the whole deal, hook, line, and sinker.  

"They're sending an X5 after him?"

Sure they were.

She was just too dumb to see the signs.

Maybe it'd been too much to hope that Alec wasn't just one of their robots.  That he, like her and the rest of her unit mates, might have developed a scrap of free will in the middle of all that hard wiring.

But that was more than just wishful thinking.  That was downright dumb.  They'd probably learned plenty from their last 'mistakes'.  

But that didn't mean she was going to condemn them to the sort of fate that would await them if Manticore decided their existence was too damning, now that media and freedom fighters were probably moving in for the takedown.   Outside of that environment, they could grow, adapt, get themselves lives.

Something worth living for, that wasn't just completing the next mission.

Just like what you've got, writhing in agony back on the floor of his apartment...

No.  Feelings might be important, but right now she couldn't deserve to think about it.  Right now, she took some comfort in those soldier instincts that kept her legs driving her.  Kept her focused on the mission.  She'd find a way to save them all.  

She didn't have a choice.  Or maybe it was that she did, and she still chose this, that showed how much she'd changed.

Thinking about it wasn't getting anything done though.  She should have stumbled across that lab five hundred feet ago.  Had she made a wrong turn, caught up in her anxiety over Logan?  This was exactly why she had to keep her head clear.  Stay in the game.

The sound of someone approaching sent her into a defensive stance immediately.  Probably the bat boys on patrol.

Bring it.

Special Notes:

Being part cat, Max goes through a heat cycle three times a year.  This means exactly what it sounds like.   I am, however, not planning to play this up as a way to get her to bang people in a wildly ooc manner.  Don't worry.

Also, during her second captivity at Manticore, they fixed her design flaw, so she no longer has the screwed up brain / seizures.  Yayyyyy.
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